Friday, April 29, 2011

Kabob Curry serves Pakistani-style Indian food in downtown Long Beach

The aroma that welcomes patrons upon entering Kabob Curry is warm and spicy with a hint of cinnamon. Noon-time sun spills into the dining area from the store-front window. Service is prompt and courteous.

Today two lunch specials serve three people, two adults and one child. The dishes are more like platters and include a pile of basmati rice pilaf, a simple salad, and a wedge of flat bread called naan. The gyro combo at $6.99 includes a mixture of beef and lamb served atop the rice. The chicken curry and channa combo at $5.99 comes with curry on one side of the rice, channa masala on the other.

The channa, or whole chick peas smothered in a spicy sauce, is just perfect. The basmati rice pilaf is fluffy and exceptional, cooked just until tender, smattered with small brown seeds (perhaps fenugreek) and can be eaten grain by perfect grain if one so chooses.

The lamb and beef gyro surprises the palate with an initial burst of heat of the hot pepper variety but which does not overwhelm all the remaining subtle flavors.

The chicken curry is very tasty as well, with a tomato- and cream-based curry sauce including cinnamon, cardamon, and other flavors. One disappointment is that the four small chicken pieces are mostly bone and include two backs that should be relegated to the stock pot.

The waitress is nice but cannot help describe the difference between Pakistani-style Indian food versus the familiar Indian foods and flavors of U.S. restaurants. Perhaps that is because Pakistan was formerly part of India and did not itself exist as a nation until 1947.

Geographically, Pakistan encompasses 307,374 square miles, just 16,000 square feet less than the combined areas of California, Washington state, and Oregon. India is on Pakistan’s east border. The Arabian Sea is to the south. Pakistan’s north is home to the western portion of the Himalayas mountain range. 

Diners at Kabob Curry can grind Himalayan salt on their Pakistani-style Indian food in Long Beach in Southern California. Touted by the restaurant as the “purest” of salts, it is “unprocessed” meaning that it has not been purified but instead has more than 84 minerals and trace elements, straight from the Himalaya mountains. 

Four (out of six) thumbs up! (We usually dine in threes.)

Kabob Curry
108 West 3rd Street (3rd & Pine)
Long Beach, CA  90802

Open 7 days a week.
Sunday - Thursday, 11 AM - 9:30 PM
Friday & Saturday, 11 AM - 10 PM

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