Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mexican food at Los Compadres in Long Beach is nothing special

Hard shell chicken tacos
Los Compadres in Long Beach seems to be a popular spot for Mexican food. Reviews on yelp are consistently good. The place was crowded for lunch on the afternoon of this review. Perhaps our party of about 40 had something to do with it.

The atmosphere was certainly festive. Colorful balloons decorated our tables. The dark wood interior was comfortable.

Of course, it is difficult to feed a crowd so big, and perhaps the hosts of the event were mostly responsible for the very limited selection options, but still.

Diners chose between either hard shell chicken tacos or hard shell potato tacos, that’s it. Aren’t hard shell tacos passé? California is the land of the luscious soft taco; hard shell tacos belong to the inferior realm of Taco Bell. Although the shells were tasty deep fried tortillas, all one could taste of the taco was the greasy shell.

Side dishes were rice and beans. The rice was too soft and tasted just like Rice-a-Roni. The beans were pintos and tasted overwhelmingly like chicken stock, not bad but not beany.

The guacamole was fresh but could use more spice, and at least one refill per table of four hungry diners.

The best part of the meal was the orange slice garnish.

Other diners who have more experience with Los Compadres said they come for the delicious ceviche. It did look good.

For now, though, this Long Beach restaurant reviewer and food critic gives Los Compadres just 1 thumb up.

Los Compadres
3229 East Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA  90804
(562) 961-0061

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